After your divorce, you will need to change a lot of paperwork. Your Will should not be forgotten at this time, especially since many people name their spouse to be the beneficiary of their assets. Do you want your ex-spouse to receive all of your belongings?  In reality, this is not a problem because under Georgia law, after a divorce decree, the former spouse is no longer entitled to any part of their former spouse’s estate. This provision effectively invalidates any provision of the Will that granted the former spouse any property in the will.

However, this can lead to confusion and uncertainty in your estate.  Therefore, updating your Will after a divorce and naming a new beneficiary will make things much easier for your family later on. Additionally, your Will should be changed to address any issues regarding your children. If you pass away while your ex is still alive, there is a good chance that any children you shared will go live with their other parent. If this is not what you want, your will is your last chance to voice your concerns or specify a guardian you trust.

You can either update your old Will after a divorce or start fresh. Make sure to void older copies so all of your wishes will be up to date. And remember, if you remarry, make sure to update your Will again to reflect your current conditions.